People do not realize how often the criminal justice system revictimizes victims of crime. Being a “victim” in a criminal case can be a very undignified and confusing experience. Victims often think, “I just want this to be over.” Victim advocates and prosecutors can remind us that there is value and meaning that comes from standing up for yourself. In the context of a criminal case, standing up for yourself requires some tough emotional and psychological choices.

Justice is more than an end result; it is about treating people with dignity in their most harrowing moments. When our criminal justice system treats people the right way, we can transform “victims” into “survivors” or even “champions” who then help others. 

I want a Lake County State’s Attorney who is committed to making it an absolute priority to ensure that domestic violence victims are heard, empowered, and respected within our criminal justice system.

I stand with Mary Cole and millions of others to reaffirm our commitment to empowering survivors.

Will you sign?