A well-functioning criminal justice system deters crime to make our community safer.

There is a clear nexus between community safety and the ability of a local criminal justice system to hold law breakers accountable. The likelihood and magnitude of punishment are relevant to people considering criminal behavior.

As your State’s Attorney, I will correctly enforce the law. We will deter crime in Lake County by making it clear and unambiguous that bad actors will be held accountable.

My opponent is a lifelong defense attorney sitting in the prosecutor’s office. His tenure has made us less safe. Too often my opponent refuses to file appropriate felony charges despite clear evidence brought by local police. He and his ally Kim Foxx were the only two State’s Attorneys to support the initial version of the SAFE-T Act, which freed potentially dangerous people back into our communities. Even out-of-state offenders commit crimes in Lake County knowing they are less likely to face consequences here.

The stakes are very high in this race because electing me will have a direct and immediate impact on making our community safer. 

I am working hard each and every day for the people of our county, but I need your help.