Thank you to the community members who came out to learn more about our campaign last night at First Draft Grayslake. We had a fantastic crowd of Lake County residents who were concerned about the increases in property crime and violent crime in Lake County. Check out some of the photos from the event!

Our campaign is out and working throughout Lake County to talk about our mission of focusing on the safety of neighborhoods, ensuring that offenders who are dangerous to the community stay behind bars, and pushing back against gangs and deadly fentanyl.

During the last three and a half years, my opponent, incumbent Lake County State’s Attorney Eric Rinehart, has failed our families and our community.

Under Rinehart, crime is up, criminal prosecutions are down, and our loved ones are less safe. The examples of the failures are startling.

  • Crime is on the rise; murders are up 42%
  • Rinehart reduced charges for convicted murderers to burglary and let them out of prison
  • Gave a child sex offender only two weeks plus time served
  • Paid over $600,000 of taxpayer money to convicted felons and gang members
  • Over 60% of his office staff has left due to poor leadership

Still, with all these failures, Eric Rinehart is raising campaign cash from all over the State of Illinois and beyond from special interest groups that don’t have Lake County’s public safety in mind. To combat Rinehart’s fundraising haul, we need your support today.

Click here to make a generous donation of any amount so we can have a State’s Attorney who cares more about supporting the victims of crime rather than the offenders. It will take a coalition of supporters across the political spectrum to return Lake County to being the safe place that all of us love.