As your State's Attorney, I will take politics out of the State's Attorney's office. An apolitical prosecutor's office fosters trust and confidence in our legal system. It allows prosecutors to focus solely on seeking truth, upholding the rule of law, and advocating for the rights of victims and the accused. When decisions are made based on evidence and the law, absent of politics, we better ensure that justice is served equitably.

Unfortunately, my opponent, Eric Rinehart, has neglected to accomplish the actual job Lake County residents elected him to perform: prosecute criminals to keep Lake County safe. Violent crimes across Lake County continue to scare everyone. Homicides are at an all-time high, high school events are canceled because of threats of possible violence, workers are being violently attacked for simply doing their jobs, and mismanagement at the state's attorney's office has resulted in a shortfall of experienced litigators in the trenches to protect our citizens.

And last night, Rinehart partied at a fundraiser with the same Illinois political elite who brought us the dangerous SAFE-T Act. Featured at the party was Governor JB Pritzker, who relied heavily on Rinehart and his ally Kim Foxx to push for the new law.

I invite you to join our campaign for the people of Lake County. Please join me in seeking a non-politicized and even justice in Lake County.

Our campaign is entirely dependent on people like you. Your donation will enable us to take the case directly to the people of Lake County. Please take action today to join our movement to restore balanced justice and community safety to Lake County.