The most controversial portion of the SAFE-T Act goes into effect across Illinois today as cashless bail goes into effect. I have long called it the Catch and Release Act because law enforcement will be less able to detain accused criminals except in the most violent cases, making everyone in our community less safe.

What is the SAFE-T/Catch & Release Act?

What's changing today is that judges will no longer have the power to keep most people charged with crimes in jail anymore. Now, a person accused of committing a crime can only be detained if the state's attorney requests it, except for very serious crimes. This law becomes particularly dangerous when the county state's attorney is soft on crime because there are no longer checks and balances to release decisions.  

What does this mean for you?

Dozens of people at risk for committing additional crimes will be released into our neighborhoods. And moving forward, hundreds more caught by law enforcement will be released by my opponent, who is eager to test this social experiment in our communities. This is expected to make worse the already rising crime across Lake County.

Never forget that for the victims of these crimes, it’s the pain and suffering, not the statistics, that matter most.

State’s Attorney Race Has Never Been More Important

The new law gives unprecedented power to your elected state’s attorney, so it has never been more critical that we elect the correct person to this office next year.

As your state’s attorney, I will prioritize your safety and the security of your neighborhood and work to ensure people who should remain behind bars stay behind bars. My opponent and Cook County State’s Attorney Kim Foxx were the only two state attorneys across Illinois to support this new Catch and Release Act. Both can now be counted on to prioritize their radical political ideologies before our safety.

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Mary Cole